During the recent Iron Maiden show in Tacome Dome, Washington, on Thursday September 5th was stopped after a fan was beaten up. The incident took place just before the band returned to the stage for the encore. So, before Iron Maiden played “The Evil That Men Do” Bruce Dickinson addressed the crowd: “We’ve got an Iron Maiden fan backstage who’s had the shit kicked out of him by ten security guards, “Bruce said. “I saw one security guard lean over the barrier and punch a kid half his size in the face four times. There were ten people. Ten people! This is not the fucking mixed martial arts. If it was the mixed martial arts, you’d have a referee, you know. This is not that. We’ve played to several hundred thousand people so far on this tour. This is the first time anything like this has happened. I don’t know if this happens in this building all the time, I don’t know if this is an act of fucking madness, and I hope that kid is getting hospital treatment now because he’s bleeding from head wounds. I hope that kid takes this building to the fucking cleaners. And if anybody has any footage — camera footage or anything — then we would be pleased to help facilitate it to find the bullies and the fucking criminals who are responsible. It’s not necessary, it’s not big, it’s not clever. It’s just called ‘bullying’ — it’s as simple as that. So this is a very appropriate song. It’s called ‘The Evil That Men Do’.”