ALPHA OMEGA Management is extremely delighted to announce the signing of the Century Media Records’ roster band, the Mighty MALEVOLENT CREATION – one of most legendary and longest running death metal horde on this globe!
MALEVOLENT CREATION was formed in Buffalo, New York in 1987, but only a year later they moved to Florida. Their debut album “The Ten Commandments” (1991) became a landmark in the death metal underground, expanding on the early work of bands like Slayer, Kreator, Possessed, Onslaught, Obituary and Death. After 11 studio albums and unleashing three of them (Warkult, Doomsday X and Invidious Dominion) under Nuclear Blast Records, in 2014 the band signed the global records deal with Century Media Records, releasing their 12th and latest effort “Dead Man’s Path” in 2015, heading right away to the extended co-headliner “Death Raid Over Europe” tour.
MALEVOLENT CREATION mastermind Phil Fasciana states:
“Malevolent Creation is very proud to say we are now working with Alpha Omega Management and are looking forward to many great things!!!!! You will see and hear much more Malevolent Creation because of this collaboration with Alpha Omega Management and we look forward to seeing you all soon enough!!!!”
ALPHA OMEGA Management adds:
“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome MALEVOLENT CREATION, the Creators of the “Florida Death Metal sound”, to our roster family, who, since the very beginning have become stronger and stronger with each of their 12 studio releases, never allowing any situation to affect the power and skill of the band in a negative way! This we can call a deep devotion and passion what this band has to deliver with their music and playing on stages, everywhere! Stay connected for next announcement, soon!”
Timothy Shearn, Head of the Alpha Omega U.S. Office, had this to say:
“I have been in to heavy metal music as long as I can remember. I lived on all of the classics Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, Megadeth, Slayer, and everything in between. It was however when I came across Malevolent Creation, Pandora’s box was opened and I was drawn into a whole new world of extreme metal, and never looked back since m/”
Check out the lyric video to ‘Blood Of The Fallen’:
Phil Fasciana – Guitars
Bret Hoffman – Vocals
Jason Blachowicz – Bass
Gio Geraca – Guitars
Justin DiPinto – Drums
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