Malison Rogue – Malison Rogue

I don’t suppose you’ve got something to do right now… Well, do ya? Nice! How about going altogether and bow before a tremendous Swedish band that will destroy the complete works? How about biting our lips out of manic enthusiasm for their music, how about playing some fine air-guitar and air-whateveryoufeeLike and belt out awful words towards those snobbish soabs who tend to badmouth the newcomers? You’re on? Let’s go!
Debut album for the Scandinavians and the Press is triumphing about the exact thing you are about to listen to. An Iron Maiden-Queensryche-Fates Warning mixture! Dude, these musicians are awesomely awesome! GuitArt and twin themes coming from the Brits and Seattlers closets. Atmosphere and tough rough tempos based on the Matheos & Co encyclopedia and then the final stroke, coming from Zeb’s voice, which features something Ray Alder, something Kiske, something Dickinson, something magical…
Technical stuff, ballad extensions, AOR backing vocals, even some filthy growls at some point will all result to one thing. The Svensks guarantee that for forty minutes you will love, feel and pound. Opening track “Friend or Foe?”, crystal and at the same time arenas-fav “My mistakes”, the prog song “This lonely road”… And the other songs… I bet that Tobias Sammet would suffer big time, listening to “We’re all born sinners”, especially with those amazing backvox! As for the solos… Man, this is ART! The album was produced by phenomenon singer and producer, Mr. Mats Leven (Malmsteen, Therion, Treat) and mastered by equally huge Micke Lind (DIO, Candlesmass, Talisman).
Wish they hit the road soon-soon-soon! Entered their official Myspace page and couldn’t help but noticing that Zeb is wearing a “Rage for order” Tshirt! This is it! Hail the new arrival on!