Mammoth Mammoth – Mount The Mountain


If you’ve seen Zambidis fight, then you can understand exactly how I felt when I first listened to the title track “Mount the mountain” of the recent album of the Australian hard rockers. As a defenseless opponent who hopes not to get knocked out in the first round.
Razor riff, drums bang on it, and then an AC / DC guitar-riff with the bass kicking in the background… The vocals lead to a “Yeah” and “All right” chorus. The song has an awesome solo, in the middle low part of it AC / DC will appear again, and the ending caused me excitement. What a kick-ass album this will be I thought. I did not go that wrong. The album continues loudly with “Spellbound,” with the same approach as the title track “Hole in the head”, “Kickin ‘my dog” (fight with your friends or wrestle with your room’s furniture) , and then – we also like The Cult – “Procrastination”. “Sleepwalker” will complete an amazing streak of songs…

Remember the introduction of the text … After getting beat up that much, they allowed me to get up … The rest of the songs and the unnecessary cover of a Kylie Minogue (!) song, without lacking in quality or catchy riffs, were obviously written after they had “given” everything. It would not be fair to qualify them as fillers, they just did not “finish” me as I hoped. No problem, here we are to encounter each other the next time, and to write KICK-ASS ALBUM instead of kick-ass album.