You can count on one hand the Greek artists that really meet the high standards of the music industry in USA and Europe. The reasons behind that matter are many but that’s another story whatsoever. The only certain thing is that Mando is a unique artist and “Bare Bones” is the sheer proof of her excellence and ingenuity!

“Bare Bones” was recorded and produced by Devon Graves (Psychotic Waltz, Deadsoul Tribe etc.) and Mando has written the lyrics and the music of the 12 brand new tracks. This is a diverse and multidimensional album that embraces many genres. We could characterize it as a sonic crucible that balances over the modern American rock sound and what we widely regard as pop music. The ever observant listener will surely notice a few progressive and soul elements that are cleverly scattered on a few tracks. For instance, the opening song “Come Alive” is the ideal introduction of the album due to its “dark” and prog mood while the follow up “Don’t Drive Me Home” reveals Mando’s unbelievable vocal abilities as she has absolutely not a single problem to reach even the highest and demanding note. Personally, the standout track on the album is “When I’m Gone”; a pure rock dynamite that kinda reminds of Nickelback and Orianthi. This is most definitely the highlight of the album along with the two aforementioned songs and the wonderful ballad “Don’t Come Around” where Mando pens some of her most introspective lyrics.

All in all, “Bare Bones” cannot fit in a category because it is really a category of its own! Everybody can add his or her description of the album…it is rock, pop, soul…you name it! The truth is that “Bare Bones” is…Mando! One of the top albums of 2017!

Highlight: Visit Mando’s official website ( for all the info regarding the purchase of “Bare Bones”.