Maplerun’s trilogy unfolds


PRESS RELEASE: “Mother Of Mountains” is the first single of Maplerun’s “Mountain High” period, the beginning of a music trilogy titled “A Matter of Perception” that will be up and running for more than a year, starting April 2021.

A brand-new digital single that initiates the band’s new era under a three-part concept, where each part will include new music, videos, remixes and collaborations with legendary producers, DJs and artists. The main theme of this music trilogy and the song “Mother Of Mountains” in particular, has to do with the concept of freedom and it is characterized by a rebellious vibe, inspired by the rock crowds the band has played for over the years in multiple tours and festivals across the world.

For this state-of-the-art production and mix, the band worked with legendary producer and three-time Grammy award winner David Bottrill (Tool, Muse, Placebo, Mastodon) as well as Ted Jensen (Green Day, Alice in Chains, Bring Me The Horizon) in Sterling Sound Studios NY for the mastering process.

“Mother Of Mountains” has top-notch production, rock band attitude and embodies a unique blend of alternative metal, modern rock, grunge and stoner rock vibes. The brand-new music video for the song was created by Napan Visual Arts Studio in Athens, Greece. More info about the band: