This is the sixth album in the 25 years of existence for this great historical Greek band. I have to admit that the two previous ones didn’t rise to my expectations. I am not talking about bad records but inferior ones compared to their predecessors. The departure of Alex Kostarakos after a 10 year period behind the microphone (a mutual decision and in a friendly manner) brought some clouds over the upcoming album. The group was swift though, a replacement was immediately recruited and “Bullethead” hit the streets once again through Pitch Black Records. Nikos Antonoyannakis approach reminded me of the first two albums since his raspy voice is a contradiction towards Alex’s Halfordish style. A fitting choice nevertheless and that became obvious from the very first moments. The 10 album songs, mostly mid tempo and fast paced ones, honor the band’s legacy and don’t deviate from the direct traditional heavy metal style that we are used to. Accept remain the main reference and so is “Sence of Metal” since “Bullethead” is closer to the band’s debut than any other of the previous albums. Extra credit for the improved production values.