This is a solo EP by a young guitarist hailing from Milan, Italy. It’s actually an instrumental album, made with a lot of style, made with the best of intentions, supported by another two great musicians who really own it.

Title track is a sample of fantastic writing and composing; themes are totally melodic and the Italian is working fast. I read his resume over his myspace page, it’s amazingly impressive. He’s done a lot, he’s walked a long way, all the way to California, to get another degree. Marco refers to Jason Becker as one of his basic influences, along with Y. J. Malmsteen and Richie Kotzen… Later on, naturally, he met and heard a lot more, he found out about several guitarists.

Well… I listened to the album myself and… this lad sounds like a Vai student, a flash disciple. He’s fast, he’s awesome, he’s fire and lava and his songs are fabulous. Last song of the EP, “X-Ray eyes”, is a four min long thunder featuring Rock blasts, landscape keys and a “Summer song” within. The neighbour is a superb player. Wish him all the best!