Marillion and PledgeMusic are joining forces to take the direct-to-fan business to a new levelin the launch of the new Marillion album. Marillion have long demonstrated their prowess in working with their fans. They started the whole direct-to-fan funding business model in 1997. The pioneering work that they have done with their fans on the internet, has paved the way for bands to operate in the digital age in a truly independent way.

Marillion have spent much of the year holed up in their Racket Club studio, jamming, writing and recording. Although it’s still early days, the band reports that the initial tracks put down are already sounding truly outstanding. There is a lot more work to be done and although there is no confirmed release date, the ambition is that the band’s 18th studio album (as yet untitled) will be ready for release sometime in early 2016. The PledgeMusic Marillion campaign launched on September 1st , and offers on the special PledgeMusic/Marillion storefront and PledgeMusic website include pre-ordering the CD, LP, Deluxe CD, a Special Edition box set and digital formats, with limited edition signed copies also available. A private show at the band’s Racket Club studios in Aylesbury is also in the listing. Additional special offers will be introduced throughout the campaign and later in the year once the album is finished, the band will be adding the opportunity to buy tickets to exclusive’Listening Parties’ around the world. To make a pledge please visit this location.