Mark Slaughter – Reflections In A Rear View Mirror


Mark Slaughter is an experienced musician who’s been in the musical forefront for more than 30 years now and yet this is his first solo album while it’s been 16 whole years since we last heard of a Slaughter (full band) record. And if you are not a sucker for statistics, let me tell you that the fact alone that we are being treated with brand new songs by Mark Slaughter is a real treat for all the hard rock fans out there.

“Reflections In A Rear View Mirror”  has all the essential elements that will surely please all the long-time Slaughter fans while it includes at the same time –dare to say- some progressive traces that differentiate this album from a typical Slaughter (full band) offering.
Having said that, songs like “Never Givin’ Up”, “Don’t Turn Away” and “Somewhere Isn’t Here” could have easily found a comfortable place among other Slaughter classic tunes. On the other hand, “Carry Me Back Home” and “Miss Elainious” are actually more characteristic of the solo album tag of “Reflections In A Rear View Mirror” as they display some really inspired melodies by Mark. Needless to say that the vocals are excellent and Michael

Wagener has done a splendid job on the overall mixing process. Last but certainly not least, we must point down that Mark is playing all the instruments himself (with the exception of drums) thus highlighting more the tag of a solo record. “Reflections In A Rear View Mirror” is a must have for everyone into classic hard rock music from a musician who’s been around long enough to know how’s the game is being played!

Highlight: In an exclusive interview with Rockpages, Mark revealed to us that all the Slaughter fans won’t have to wait long foe the next studio album…fingers crossed, boys and girls!