Mark Slaughter says that he wants to take the high road and not engage in a war of words with Vinnie Vincent after his former bandmate called him a “no-talent individual” who reduced his music “to the level of worse than a local bar band.”
During a question-answer session at the 2018 Indianapolis KISS Fan Expo, which was held May 12-13 at the Wyndham Indianapolis West Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana, Slaughter was asked to respond about Vinnie’s comments. He said: “Look, there’s a difference — it’s called the high road. I’m still making music. The high road is here. Go make music. You wanna do it? Go make music. He’s made great music. But the thing is since we left in ’88, there has been no new music. He can say anything he wants negative about me, but here’s where it’s at. I love where I came from, I love who I’ve toured with, and I love the fans that we’ve met, whether it’s VVI or SLAUGHTER. We are thankful. And that’s it.”