Marko Hietala, bassist for Nightwish talked to magazine Tuonela about his first ever solo album “Mustan Sydämen Rovio”. “At first, it’s kind of scary, because so far, it’s the first and only solo album I’ve ever done. I’m taking the responsibility and the pressure and everything, so I had a little bit of [shakes hand] before this was starting. (…) I’m known for being in these metal groups and all that, and there is that, but there is also a lot of that acoustic and prog side of things that I’ve been going through. I actually came up with the term [for] what this music is — it’s hard prog… There’s a lot of elements — a lot of different moods and varieties and atmospheres and all that. (…) I think this one has the elements of [what] nailed a nine-year-old boy’s ears to the speaker with BLACK SABBATH in the ’70s”.