Heavy Talk conducted an interview with MASTERPLAN members Roland Grapow (guitar; HELLOWEEN) and Rick Altzi (vocals;AT VANCE, SANDALINAS, THUNDERSTONE) during the band’s recent South American tour. Here’s an excerpt:
Roland: “We have many plans now for the future, which started maybe with the new contract with AFM again. I had the plan, because… The situations are getting more heavy, more difficult in the music business, and I had the idea to… instead of one normal studio album, to deliver something like the DVD first. Then we’re working on the re-recording CD of my ex-band HELLOWEEN — my favorite, let’s say, ten [or] twelve songs, we want to re-record soon. We did already the drums, and we want to deliver it maybe late spring — as a MASTERPLAN album with some HELLOWEEN melodies. And I think it’s very close to MASTERPLAN, because I wrote these songs, like ‘The Time Of The Oath’, ‘The Dark Ride’ or ‘Escalation 666’… ‘The Chance’, and many, many more. And I’m pretty sure people will love it… with [Rick’s] voice. I will sing maybe some stuff as well. And after that, we do another studio album.”