Maverick – Ethereality


What does mature and evolve actually mean? Well, in Maverick’s case it means to maintain your identity and add details that might seem too little to notice, but are crucial for the final result.

So, good ol’ swaggery hard rock in the likes of Skid Row, accompanied by gang vocals remains. What changes is that the band adds keyboards in several songs of the album. Their presence might be descript and their role to just follow the melody, but they colour the songs wonderfully giving them their flavor enhancing Maverick’s sound. The second thing is the backing vocals that are very smart placed and well executed. Of course, you should add to all that the compositions that are of the highest level. The production sounds a bit darker than the previous albums, but there isn’t something to be considered a flaw.

It’s worth noticing that once more the guitar work is amazing with explosive riffs that drive the melodies and frenzy devastating solos, that are actually a point of reference in each song.

Finally, there is no sign of ballad or slowing down of the tempo in an pedal to the metal album from start to finish.

Check out: “Angels 6”, “The Last One”, “Dying Star”, “Falling”, “Never”, “Switchblade Sister”.