I must say I was starting to feel awful… First two songs had passed and it was like nothing! As if I was listening to white sound parts… And then… “When you’re gone” is hitting the speakers… Riffus maximus, aggressive attitude and a “We will tear it down” hype. The tempo is speeding up and there’s a Maiden-theme as well… Thus I shut my mouth and started writing down what I should…

They started as cover band, around 2005, playing well-known Hard Rock songs for almost three years… Then they started to discover their own elements. Heavy and Prog and it’s open season! A GREat guitarist (“Crawlin’” and more) and smashing musicians. At first the voice didn’t nail me to the wall. However, it became more and more powerful and won the match easily, so I had to shut my big mouth once more… Beautiful themes and all kinds of rhythms and tempos. On the other hand, ballad-style intros and frantic double bass drumming (Come tom y grave – dunno if they planned to write it that way or if it’s just a typo) and more war. The Belgians rule OK!
It is certain that this debut will be appealing to numerous ears. I have no clue whether fans of Rhapsody, Kamelot and Symphony X will deal with it or not; what I do know is this album is all about people who dig Metal!


Max Pie