Meat Loaf was rushed to hospital last night after collapsing on stage during a show. He was performing classic track I Would Do Anything For Love at the Jubliee Auditorium in Edmonton, Canada, when he slowly leaned down then fell over on his back. Witnesses say that fans were then told to leave, while Meat Loaf was taken to a nearby medical centre about 20 minutes after the incident began. One attendee told the Edmonton Journal: “It looked at first like he was just being theatrical and lying down. Next thing we knew, security were telling us to clear the venue.” She said that his voice had sounded strained before his collapse, adding that he seemed “a little bit tired and at times it was hard to hear him.”
Meat Loaf’s condition remains unclear. He recently cancelled several shows as a result of an unspecified illness. He’d previously collapsed on stage in Pittsburgh in 2011 and in London in 2003.