Here’s a really interesting and remarkable album. The Chicago-based outfit of Mecca releases its second album (although they have been around for many years now) appropriately entitled “Undeniable” as they truly and undeniably deliver a bunch of songs that hit the bull right between the eyes! This must be the first West Coast AOR album that I really enjoyed since the glory days of Toto. It must be noted, though, that I was never a hard core fan of this side of the melodic rock genre and I was always more inclined towards the East Coast type of AOR.

Maybe the fact that Mecca blends wonderfully the Toto-influenced sonic elements with the 80s soundtrack atmosphere creates the ideal backdrop for a magnificent result. Sometimes you’re under the impression that you’re listening to a Toto outtake (without being a copycat tune) or a song cued from “Dirty Dancing” or “Staying Alive” soundtracks. The top moment on the record is easily the inclusion of the excellent song “Ten Lifetimes” that defies every single top AOR song of 2011!

Mecca can be seen as the…Mecca of all the AOR fans around the world as “Undeniable” is a masterpiece!

Highlight: We can also find in here the ever present Tommy Denander…