Medieval Demon – Necrotic Rituals From The Unholy Past

If you used to keep up with the Greek black metal scene and collected demos of this kind back in the 90s then chances are you know of Medieval Demon. In fact for two years these Athenians were releasing their material on a regular basis so from 1994 to 1995 their discography consists of one split with Invocation, three demos and one full-length album called “Demonolatria” from the legendary Unisound records. “Necrotic Rituals From The Unholy Past” is not a new Medieval Demon opus but a collection of their released material.
Both the music and the production reflect 100% the spirit of the local underground scene 20 years ago. Old school, satanic, dark and filthy. Tempo changes and well put riffs are combined with catatonic keyboard melodies and creepy shrieks. By the way the keys play the second most important role after the guitar work and still their use is so rational. They don’t make the songs sound weak nor do they make the listener sick of it.
Highlights: “Innocent Blood”, “October Fall”, “Doomsday”.