Meet Bad Habits and listen to their first single “California”


PRESS RELEASE: Yesterday evening I met with a friend from school, whom I hadn’t seen for 13 years. While catching up he told me that a few years ago he had a tragic motorcycle accident, that almost cost him his life. The single thing that helped him stay strong and not lose hope all these countless hours he spent between hospitals and doctors, was music. Bands I urged him to listen to and records I gave him after school.

This is the power of music, and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Also, that’s life, and instead of dwelling on the past and dreaming about a better future, you should really focus on what’s going on around you NOW. It’s much easier romanticizing memories than tackling everyday life, but it will change you. After all, we live in the now, so why not actually LIVE in it?

Oh, yeah. Our first single, “California” was released today. We spent so much time preparing for this day to come, that it’s almost like the day never really came. Musically, the song utilizes Proto-Punk urgency combined with energetic female vocals and nostalgic Pop hooks in the chorus, creating a modern breed of Rock & Roll wrapped in a crisp & clean production.

“California” was Recorded & Mixed by Petros Vynakos at Destiny Studios, and mastered by one of our heroes, Ted Jensen, who has mastered some of our favorite records growing up (“The Black Parade”, “American Idiot”) as well as modern classics with BMTH & Blink 182.

You can stream “California” on every major streaming platform. While you’re at it: Share it, Save it, Add it to your Playlists. These little things spike the algorithm in our favor and keep us afloat until we can all be together screaming our faces off in some venue again.

Check it out below:


Written & Produced: Bad Habits

Recorded & Mixed: Petros Vynakos @ Destiny Studio

Mastering: Ted Jensen @ Sterling Sound

Artwork: Reggina Nicolopoulou