Megadeth – Rust In Peace Live

Basically, that’s how a magical journey starts. Fasten your seatbelts, we are taking off! Through time and space we will reach 1990 and a MAGNIFICENT album! Man, I remember those youngsters storming the record stores, asking the “elder” about the holy vinyl, I remember staying awake, to catch the MTV playing the videos… I remember the fans praising the “new” members back then, Messrs. Marty Friedman and Nick Menza…
Two decades later, Megadeth release the ripe fruit of a tremendously powerful concert which took place the last day of last March… We have already presented the DVD, so you have the best view about what really happened that night, cuz of the sound&vision simultaneous supremacy. However you might (NOT) want to read a few (not that much) interesting data about the album…
It might have been a devilish ploy (copying Gillan to the core), yet the Megadeth quartet was, again, the two Daves and the two “other” guys. Once again, the two “other” guys appear to be two excellent musicians. Chris Broderick, extremely well-known by his course with the almighty Jag Panzer and his cooperation with Nevermore is the lead guitarist. On drums we find (for six years and more) Mr. Shawn Drover (Eidolon), a real virtuoso. We’d like to remind you that his brother Glen was also a member of Megadeth for a while.
Hell breaks loose over “Holy wars” and “Hangar 18” and the crowd becomes a frantic mass. Craziness reprise with “Tornado of souls”, the fans scream their lungs out when listening to the classic riff; yet not even a breath can be heard while Broderick is playing the infamous solo. And he’s awesome at it!
Not much to add really… After “God bless you, Los Angeles… Goodnight!” it’s time for the bonus tracks… I just want to focus on two songs… The enchanting “Trust”, the very crossroad where Megadeth meet Queensryche, as well as the ultimate concert mayhem “Symphony of destruction”, the best sound-track for fans who want to mosh like crazy, without harming the peeps next to them – naturally.
Oh, btw, I have the perfect ending for this article… 44 years old Shawn Drover (born in 1966), is already a… grandfather (wot?)!!!