Megadeth – The Sick…The Dying…And The Dead!


Mega-Dave has done it again by delivering yet another superb album; actually, the best thing that Megadeth has done since “Endgame! Yes, you read it correctly and trust us it might sound pompous but it’s not an exaggerated statement. After all, you’ve read all the raving reviews and you’d probably listened to the album by now. The three forerunners was a good omen for the shape of things to come as “We’ll Be Back”, “Nightstalkers” and “Soldier On!” spread joy to all the Megadeth fans out there. We only hoped for a similar qualitative level from the rest of the songs and luckily our expectations were met!

“The Sick…The Dying…And The Dead!” is packed with inspired riffs, unbelievable solos (this is a Megadeth record!!) and a flawless performance in the studio. I won’t lie to you; in the beginning I was kinda disappointed to see Dave Ellefson out of the band but the mighty Steve DiGiorgio filled the gap while Dirk Verbeuren is a beast behind the drums and Kiko Loureiro is the best thing that Mustaine had since the Friedman days as the chemistry between those two is undeniable. As for the songs themselves, they simply kick ass and there’s no need for any special references. Let me just say that this album is somewhere in between “The System Has Failed” and “Endgame”…at least, that’s my point of view.

All in all, “The Sick…The Dying…And The Dead” will not only satisfy everyone but it will blow you out! That’s right! Mega-Dave has done it again, boys and girls! Megadeth remains not only productive and qualitative but most importantly they are relevant and competent after 40 years in the business! Sick or what?

Highlight: In some versions of the album you can find two cover versions on Dead Kennedys and Sammy Hagar. As a matter of fact, Sammy himself guests on the song.