Mescaleros – Till The End

While the storm of new releases is raging, with the explosion of internet being responsible, it’s pretty easy to miss a lot of releases that could be literally one click away. So, completely accidentally, and without even remembering how exactly, I bumped into Mescaleros.
Their band name, and their appearance bring ZZ Top, the Mexican drink, as well as Joe Strummer’s backing band in mind… whether they are relevant with all those, we are not pretty sure. The band from Barcelona, Spain, flirts with the American rock’n’roll  that looks to the South, but at the same time there is quite a few references to heavier, and more stoner stuff, while their attraction to melody is instantly noticeable. One more characteristic of the album, that makes it stand out at once is the songs. This is something rare nowadays, that is present here, and that’s the best thing a band could opt for. Some may say that having a good production, and good playing on an album are very important, but honestly, I don’t understand how those can help, if the songs aren’t good enough.
Mescaleros have a few strong songs that stick to your mind from the first spin, like “No,No,No”, “Free Me, Or Kill Me”, “What I’ll Never Forget”, “Last Chance Casino” and “Remember Me”. These songs will dictate the listener to listen to the album again and again.

And, I’ve saved the best for last! You can download the entire album for free from the band’s official website: