Meshuggah – Immutable


Six years after 2016’s ‘The Violent Sleep of Reason’, the Suedes return with their ninth studio album overall and first not to be released as part of the Nuclear Blast roster. Having been innovative and original all throughout their long career, Meshuggah have nothing to prove at this point. However, the very idiosyncrasy of the band seems to force them into experimentation, into the creation of new unique and technically immaculate beasts.

‘Immutable’ is a big boy record, 69 minutes long, yet doesn’t ever become tiresome to listen to thanks to its variety and passages such as the acoustic intro to exceptional instrumental track ‘They Move Below’ and the contrast these create against the full-on assault of ‘Armies of the Preposterous’ for example.

Meshuggah didn’t suddenly become easy to listen to, don’t be fooled, but if the listener allows for Immutable’s music to transport him, his journey will be fulfilling and complete, far beyond the monotonous eight-chord chug and polyriffing offered by the many copycats out there.

In 2022, Meshuggah still are the golden standard in the world of extreme metal.