Metal Allegiance – Metal Allegiance


Since we are used to supergroups, which is the trend nowadays we cannot be daunted from the truly impressive parade of superstars in Metal Allegiance and we focus to the point which is none other than the songs.

In order to say that I was impressed and I will remember something from this album I had to get to track No.5 with Mark Osegueda (Death Angel) and Christina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) –is that a coincidence?- on “Scars”, the melody of which is instantly remembered. As well as the next song, “Destination Nowhere” with Trivium’s Matt Haefy sounding old school.

As the musicians who play on the album come from different metal genres, the same goes with the songs. “Can’t Kill The Devil” which features Chuck Billy (Testament) on vocals sounds likes it comes straight out of Bay Area and more like Metallica, while the album opener “Gift Of Pain” with Randy Blythe on the mic is more modern and “Dying Song” on the other hand carries all the dirt and the decay that comes with Phil Anselmo. “Triangulum” could possibly be the fun time song for Portnoy-Eleffson-Skolnick without offering something special whereas the inevitable cover of “We Rock” concludes the album in a party atmosphere.

In general I’d say that “Metal Allegiance” is an album that will offer you a good time, but you won’t miss too much to give it another listen and it’s probably aiming to the fans and the collectors that must have them all.