The third and final EP by Metallica for 2010 was also meant to be the best of them all! After the mediocre “Six Feet Down Under” and the really good “Six Feet Down Under Part II”, Metallica closes an ultra successful three-year chapter with the release of “Live At Grimey’s”. Here we find Metallica performing in front of an intimate audience of 175 people (consisting mainly of Fan Club Members, friends and family) at the basement of a record store (you know what its name is, right?) in Nashville on the Record Store Day in 2008.
As you can gather, the atmosphere is quite relaxed but that doesn’t mean that Metallica doesn’t put on a storming performance! With Hetfield opening the festivities with the immortal line: “New song…not!” and “No Remorse” provides the absolute backbone to an overall flawless and stomping start! The crowd (naturally) knows all the lyrics and it is actually refreshing to listen to Metallica playing with the aid of a small equipment and not in a huge arena or stadium. As for the set-list…well, one cannot be disappointed when he gets  “Seek and Destroy”, “Motorbreath”, “Master of Puppets”, “Harvester of Sorrows” and others.
I believe that the main difference of “Live At Grimey’s” with the aforementioned couple of EP is that it can be purchased by the average metal fan and not necessarily by the Metallica die hard fan.
Highlight: “Live At Grimey’s” has been released as a 10’’ vinyl, too.