MGT – Gemini Nyte


The name of this California-based outfit was given by Mark Geminy Thwaite known from his tenure with The Mission, Tricky, Peter Murpjy and numerous other bands which are just too many to mention in the frame of this review. What really matters is the new album called “Gemini Nyte” that features such prestigious names as Ashton Nyte, Paul Ferguson (of The Killing Joke fame on the drums), Burton C Bell (Fear Factory, vocals), Richard Vernon (The Mission’s bassist) and Living Dead’s drummer Nick Mason.

The new material is natural bears a resemblance to The Mission, The Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus style with a heavy dose of guitars on certain songs (like the excellent “Waiting For A Sign”) thus reminding a little bit of HIM. This is a remarkable effort that all the fans of the above bands and the melancholic industrial scene should definitely check it out. It includes 13 well-crafted songs that have the…knack of reaching out to a wider audience due to their imaginative sonic structure.

One of the most interesting releases that fell on my reviewing desk lately…