Mia Wallace

Bassist Mia Wallace announced her return to the band of ex-frontman of Immortal, Abbath.

Mia quit the band in January 2020 after announcing on Facebook that she was fired by the band’s manager with a 5-minute phone call: “I was told not to contact anyone in the band. The explanation for this had no substance and just made more questions and confusion for me. Up until then, I had been preparing for the European tour as I had been told to do. I had to cancel other plans and get time off work for the tour, which I spent much time preparing for.”

After sharing a “throwback” photo from her time with Abbath, she wrote “we will be back soon!!!!” and a fan asked her, “Are you back playing with Abbath?” and she replied “yes”. Then, another fan wrote: “Hopefully you still playing with NERVOSA as well?”, to which she responded: “OF COURSE!!!”