One of the most influential musicians in the hard n’ sleaze rock n’ roll sound, the leader of the majestic Hanoi Rocks, the sensational Michael Monroe releases yet another studio album with the ever characteristic title (and cover sleeve) “Sensory Overdrive”. This time around, we find Wildhearts’ guitarist Ginger standing side by side with Monroe, adding the necessary licks and hooks and the result is absolutely stunning!
The duration of the album doesn’t exceed the 35-minute mark but come to think about it, when did a classic record need lengthy compositions or tiring intros/interludes/outros…? Monroe is on top form and all the songs bring in mind a late 70s-early 80s aesthetic that could have easily fit in…let’s say “Oriental Beat” or “Two Steps From The Move” by Hanoi Rocks. Especially the first single “78” and the bombastic track “”Modern Day Miracle” are instant classics.

A word for all the Greek promoters out there…let’s bring Monroe over for a show…

Highlight: Ginger stated that he is thrilled to have the chance to work with one of his heroes.