Some things will never change, and we are so glad about that fact! Michael Monroe keeps on releasing brilliant albums proving again (and again) that the inspiration and the artistic “thirst” do not run out over time. You just need to have it inside you and remain authentic. Michael Monroe is more than authentic; he’s the very epitome of rock n’ roll. Period.

“I Live Too Fast To Die Young” is a…timeless record. It’s an album that could have easily been a product of 1982 or…2052 as long as the spirit of rock n’ roll is alive and well. All the essential elements of the latter era of Hanoi Rocks combined with the British glam rock and the ever present Stones sonic traces can be found in this brand new offering by Monroe. It’s worth noting that the new album marks the 35th anniversary since the debut solo album by Monroe. Personally, “I Live Too Fast To Die Young” reminded me of Hanoi Rocks’ “Street Poetry”…at least, its overall aesthetic. The difference this time around is that the new record is definitely more diverse as we encounter sinister ballads (“Antisocialite” and “Dearly Departed”) and punky tunes (“Pagan Prayer”…that brings in mind “Got The Time” by Anthrax).

However, the main dynamic of Michael Monroe is the rock n’ roll tunes and he’s fully aware of it. So, apart from the usual rock n’ roll assault, we are treated with three standout anthems: “Murder The Summer of Love”, “Young Drunks Old Alcoholics” and “Everybody’s Nobody”. These tracks can already be considered as classics. All in all, Monroe achieves something that we really need…especially nowadays. He retains the illusion of making us feel that we are still young and that’s the most important thing if you think about it. “I Live Too Fast To Die Young” is a winner!

Highlight: Sami Yaffa’s familiar figure is here once again…