Michael Schenker Fest – Revelation


One can charge Michael Schenker with many things but his recording productivity and overall work ethic is surely not one of them. All these years, the legendary guitarist keeps on coming back with studio offerings in a constant time-frame thus going against the grain of the way music business works nowadays. That’s a rare but at the same time a great thing for all the Schenker fans out there. Take for instance, Michael Schenker Fest…this is the third album (if you count the live debut of 2017) while the first proper studio album called “Resurrection” was one the finest rock releases of 2018. For those who are not aware of what Michael Schenker Fest is, let’s just say that it is the union of Bonnet, Barden, McAuley & White who are accompanied by Mann & Glenn but unfortunately not anymore by the late McKenna who has been replaced in the studio by Simon Phillips. A superband or what?

Essentially, “Revelation” continues from where “Resurrection” stopped almost one year ago. Schenker’s guitar is on fire with his solos being as melodic and inspired as ever while the four singers are naturally on the top of their game. For one reason or another, Bonnet’s role is not as crucial as it was in “Resurrection” but that doesn’t mean that he does not shine when he handles the lead vocals. Again the MVP of the album is none other than Gary Barden with White and McAuley following in really close distance. As for the songs themselves, they might be a little bit inferior to the ones featured on the debut but they are again really good and I am sure they won’t disappoint the fans of the German axeman.

If you haven’t purchased anything from the Michael Schenker Fest catalogue, you’d better take it with chronological order so as to fully get the better and wider picture. Let’s see what the next idea by Michael Schenker will be and where he will take us with his next album/journey? One thing is for sure: he never stops to amaze us all.

Highlight: The cover sleeve caused a little bit of controversy even inside the band’s camp with Bonnet stating openly his opposition to the final artwork.