Michael Schenker released a new lyric video for the song “Sail The Darkness” from his new album, “Immortal”, which is out under the M.S.G. banner on January 29th via Nuclear Blast.

In a recent interview with Rockpages.gr the great guitarist talked about why Ronnie Romero, whose vocals you can hear on this track, doesn’t sing on the entire album as he was supposed to.

He is also talking about his inspiration, “peace of the mind”, how rock music will stay alive and of course Scorpions and U.F.O.. Writing his autobiography is something he is very serious about… will he do it?

“…if I had joined Ozzy Osbourne, or if I hadn’t escaped with U.F.O., or joined Scorpions, or Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Ian Hunter, Motörhead, Thin Lizzy… all the people who have asked me to join them, I would have sold out just for the sake of fame. But I was never interested. I left U.F.O. when U.F.O. would have been the biggest band in the world. That would have happened if I had stayed there. What they were chasing I wasn’t interested in. I wanted to remain the kid in the sandbox”.

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