Michael Thompson is an experienced guitarist who has been around for many years in the music circuit and he has played with almost everybody, including Michael Jackson and Rod Stewart. Back in the late 80s he released a respectable solo record that has gained cult status ever since and I had kinda lost track of his whereabouts.

The news of his recording comeback created a well-justified curiosity because I wanted to see where Thompson was standing musically nowadays. Basically, “Future Past” reveals a musician that has not been tampered with all the ephemeral trends and carries on really from where he stopped in the first place. This time around he has with him a great singer called Larry King who I am pretty sure that he worships Jimi Jamison as his voice bears a striking resemblance with the timbre of the legendary Survivor vocalist. Musically speaking, “Future Past” is a satisfactory blend of AOR sound that balances at moments between Starship and Survivor (“When Seconds Count” era). Needless to say that the guitar parts are flawless.
All the fans of the genre will definitely enjoy this one…
Highlight: Thompson’s CV includes a stint in the soundtrack of the classic TV Series “Miami Vice”.