Casper of Silver Tiger Media recently conducted an interview with QUEENSRŸCHE guitarist Michael Wilton. Here’s an excerpt:
Todd is just such a mindblowing vocalist; he is so talented, and the way that he seamlessly intergrates into the music is just… it’s a miracle. How I met this guy, I don’t know, but it’s worked out so great. And he’s such a gracious person; he’s not ego-driven, he’s not controlling, and he gets along with the band. And that’s the key issue: it’s a band again. And people feel that in the live performances; they feel that everybody is playing together, and there’s just so much energy. Everybody says, ‘It’s like the good old days.’ I think with Todd and Parker [Lundgren, guitar] in the band, they bring a different audience to the shows, and it’s great. We get a lot of younger kids and younger people that are curious and excited about the music. A lot of the fans only know us from the last couple of albums, and we’ve got the people that have been around since the early ’80s coming to the shows again, and they’re curious and really excited to see the passion in the band again. It’s all really good. And everybody equally is doing their part. Like I said, it’s a band again.