Micky Moody – Snakes And Ladders: My Autobiography


(Music Press Books, 2016)

Micky Moody used to be Bernie Marsden’s other half on guitars in the classic Whitesnake lineup that took the band from its hand and led it to superstardom. Honestly, that’s the reason the mustached hatter is know for in the wider rock/metal circles.

His autobiography follows the classic linear structure kicking off with Moody’s childhood years, his first contact with music, guitar, his first bands, going pro and Whitesnake. And that’s exactly where it stops, although 37 years passed since 1983 when he left David Coverdale’s band. Of course, on the book cover the “A Rock’n’Roll Odyssey To Whitesnake” tag exists above the title, but the end is so abrupt and unexpected that leaves you with a bitter taste.

Authentic British humor is flooding the books’ pages, that’s hardly a surprise, with Moody telling tales of rock’n’roll lifestyle, but the truth is that there isn’t a lot that’s quite memorable, especially from his Whitesnake, and that’s a surprise. Given the fact that Moody/Marsden were an infamous duet of mischief and farce not having so much to recollect from that period is odd to say the least. I was impressed that even the classic story with the “No I wasn’t in fucking Deep Purple” t-shirt, when Jon Lord and Ian Paice were members of the band, and that made Coverdale mad, isn’t there.

I got tired from the excruciating history of all the bands he played with, like Snafu and his collaboration with Bob Young, a super successful musician, producer and manager, writer, known as the “fifth member of Status Quo”. Just imagine that the first time you read about Whitesnake is on page …

Obviously, Moody wants to tell his own story and that’s what he is doing. He is telling the facts focusing on whatever he thinks stands out on his career flashback and that’s totally respected. However, that’s exactly the reason that this book will wear you down and I bet you will start skipping pages to reach the Whitesnake part-at least I did!