Former White Lion frontman Mike Tramp released his third solo album in three yearson August 28th. This time the album, entitled Nomad, features a full supporting band. Tramp has just embarked on another tour to support the album and this time will be accompanied by a band rather than travelling solo. On September 4th he guested on the Friday NI Rocks Show on Rock Radio NI. An excerpt from the interview transcript is available below.
Tramp: “I think sometimes that rock ‘n’ roll is flourishing but at the same time there is also a lot of artists who aren’t producing great music or not really adapting or changing to the changing world without going extreme. I’m not out there being Mike Tramp, 27 years old in 1987! I’m out there on stage playing some of the old songs, but in a way that feels in time with the man who stands on the stage with his age and the life that he has lived. I’m not going out there with KISS make-up and hiding behind a character.”
There is still a limit to how much I can do but we could definitely be doing something a little more specific for the fans. These days, things are more about the limited, dedicated fan. The fans become smaller but they like to go a little more deeper. It’s great to know that you could go out and do an album or special thing that is maybe only going to be 500 copies or something like that.
I don’t feel personally that any of the new bands appeal to me. They are too young and their message is not for me. I grew up with the pillars and foundations of rock n’ roll and nothing can touch that.”