The list of Swedish bands that play good music reviving almost all of the 70’s rock genres is huge! Witchcraft, Graveyard, The Night Flight Orchestra, Blues Bills, Burning Saviors, Avatarium, and so many others have managed to create a great and successful scene that always gives me the safety when reading “Place of Origin Sweden” that I will hear something decent the least.

Monolord is a trio from Gothenburg that plays doom. Lovers of this particular sound will be excited with their third attempt. The two main influences are the heavy metal fathers Black Sabbath and the European Doom rulers Candlemass. Slow, long-lasting and doom-themed songs (“Where death meets the sea”, “Lucifer”) for the beginning. Then the title track “Rust” brought to mind the great also Swedes Count Raven and the album goes to another level with the instrumental “Wermland”. In the six magic moments that it lasts, it will remind you of “To live is to die” while taking off with the use of violin in its second part. The album closes with 2 songs that together last about 30 minutes and paradoxically they do not tire the listener at all. Few riffs but very catchy!

You know who you are; you want your doom traditional and dark! Come along!