Monument is a new band Peter Ellis has formed; Peter is well-known for his career with White Wizzard. I was really glad to listen to those five songs. It’s been many years since I listened to something that good, that solid and, at the same time, that traditional metal; every album I got to listen to was not good enough, comparing it with today’s standards.

Songs are truly powerful and melodic and they manage to “maintain” our excitement the whole time. “Rock The Night” might sound a bit like Dio’s “I Speed At Night”, however it will surely bring enthusiasm to all those that will listen to it. Newest member in Judas Priest, Richie Faulkner, is appearing as a guest guitarist on this one. Lewis Stephens, guitarist in White Wizzard, is also participating.
I consider this album as the ideal messenger of what the band is about to do next. Keep that name in mind. Monument…