Mother Of Millions – Sigma


Finally, it has been released. Not that they kept us waiting for long. It’s been only three years after the great “Human” and Mother Of Millions are presenting their second album. I didn’t expect something less than amazing and I was right.

The guys from Athens continues to create excellent music in their own special way. Terrific guitar melodies, keyboards that built beautiful atmospheres and the unique vocals of George Prokopiou (Poem) compose an album that is a journey that you don’t want to stop. Progressive rock/metal with soul and passion. It is clear that the band has worked a lot for this release and paid attention to all the details. Not only in the music but also the lyrics and the production give the impression of an album that was made for a reason and not just to release something.

In the 40 minutes of “Sigma”, if I had to pick my favorite songs that would be “Silence”, “Collision” and “Spiral”. Songs that show the tremendous ability of the band to compose songs and confirm the high standards that we are used to by the prog scene in Greece for quite some years now.

Mother Of Millions belong to a certain group of musician who take very seriously what they do and they try to be professionals in every step of their way, even this is very hard for rock/metal artists in this country. And that is something worth supporting. Great record. Simple as that.