Everybody keeps a memory that is permanently linked to a favorite album or piece of music. That’s the power of rock n’ roll, if you ask me. For me personally, Motley Crue’s name will always be connected to the autumn of 1989 when I purchased my precious “Dr. Feelgood” cassette that had just been released at the time. And as the saying goes: the journey had just begun.

You know, everyone who was lucky enough to catch Motley Crue live in concert knows perfectly that this was one of the most spectacular and authentic bands that graced the rock n’ roll stage…ever! Unfortunately for us and for the rock n’ roll world, there can ever be another Motley Crue. In this DVD (appropriately entitled “The End”) Crue offers us exactly what were known for especially in the last decade: that is a kick ass stage show, unlimited quantities of pyrotechnics and fireworks, unbelievable light effects and of course timeless songs. And when a show kicks off with “Girls Girls Girls” & “Wild Side” nothing can go wrong (well, Tommy Lee’s huge rollercoaster broke down…tiny details). Nikki Sixx must be the coolest, baddest bassist; Tommy Lee one of the greatest and most innovative drummers; Mick Mars the most unheralded and underrated guitarists and Vince Neil…well, he might not be the best singer on earth but he is the missing piece of the Motley puzzle.

The camera view and angles are impressive, the two female singers/dancers are doing a hell of a job and the crowd is really energetic and supportive. Motley Crue ended their 35-year long journey where it all began…in the city of Los Angeles where they became…Saints or Sinners (well, most likely the second). I just want to say a big “thank you” to this band that shaped my musical taste almost 30 years ago and it still helps me through the day when I need them.

Highlight: There is a girl entering the venue and the camera asks here what Crue means to her. She answers: “Thank you Motley Crue for proving me with a family when I didn’t have any”, ‘nuff said!