Motörhead – Bad Magic


When a legendary band releases another album that nobody will remember, or mention in the future and you have to write about it. You can bury it slamming the band for creating such a mediocre album and question its release, or you can praise the band’s legacy that will not be affected by a bad release…

What comes and goes into my head though is a scene from “Lemmy, the movie” where someone says that while we are sitting here doing what we do, Lemmy is at home with a Jack Daniels in hand, probably the bottle, writing another album. Because, that’s what Lemmy is all about, a god of metal. Even now, with the tons of health problems, the cut sort concerts and the marks of time more evident than ever on him, he is not giving up, he is still fighting. With his Rickenbaker at deafening volume, the mic up high and the gas to the floor he does what he knows best, even if he doesn’t cut it this time.

“Bad Magic” is one of those albums that you won’t love like the older ones-it’s worse than “Aftershock” and its best moment is the Stones’ “Sympathy For The Devil”-that’s the veterans’ albums fate anyway, with the exceptions giving justice to the rule. It’s not good, nor bad, it’s just indifferent and it will pass unnoticed from the metal historian, such is not the case for Motӧrhead though, a basic part of the heavy metal culture with Lemmy being the absolute role model of rock’n’roll lifestyle…cheers to him!