PRESS RELEASE from Sleaszy Rider: We are really excited to announce that we signed a deal with Greek label FM Records, which released the rare 7” single of Motörhead ”Live In Athens” back in 1988, along with ”No Sleep At All” album in Greece. We got the rights and we will re-release it. FM Records staff recorded back in March of 1988, when Motörhead played for first time ever in Greece, 2 tracks of their Athenean shows in Sporting stadium: ”Acropolis” and ”Orgasmatron”. Acropolis is ”Metropolis” track, just Lemmy used to sang it ”Acropolis” every time they played in Greece, as a tribute to our country and their Greek fans. Just for your info, Lemmy loved the idea to be released this 7” back in ’88 and he was one of the persons who moved things to be released. After many years of negotiations with FM, we are proud to re-release it soon, with our respect and love to Motörhead.

Besides this amazing release, we got also the rights from same label and we will re-release the very rare compilation ”Greece Attacks”, plus the albums of many well known Greek rock bands like Magic De Spell, Flowers Of Romance, Echo Tattoo, Blackmail, Bella Union, Motivo 4, Ypogia Revmata (Υπόγεια Ρεύματα), Lefki Simfonia (Λευκή Συμφωνία), En Lefko (Εν Λευκώ), Enthelechia (Ενδελέχεια), George Demetriades & Mikroi Iroes (Γιώργος Δημητριάδης & Μικροί Ήρωες), and some more! While our next updates we will provide more infos about all these releases!