We have underlined many times in the past that this trend of the so called supergroups should be approached with a great deal of reservation or why not a heavy dose of skepticism. After all, this new trend has been more the product of a label’s greed to cash in the name of the well-known musicians and less of an artistic necessity. And it doesn’t come as no surprise whatsoever that the final result is most of the times below par. Motor Sister has been the talk of the…well, the talk of the internet in the last few months. This is a project that came to life after Scott Ian’s strong desire to cover some Mother Superior songs. With that in mind he called Joey Vera, John Tempesta and Mother Superior’s singer Jim Wilson while Ian’s wife, Pearl, completed the line-up.

“Ride” is a truly forgettable or in the best scenario, a really indifferent record. The songs balance over a groovy rock n’ roll and stoner feeling but in order to be fair to the band, I was never a fan of Mother Superior in the first place and this should be taken into consideration, too. But trust me when I am saying that the songs themselves lack of a certain quality level that will make you slip the album on your CD player time and time again. On a positive note, Motor Sister doesn’t lack of energy and “Ride” leaves you under the impression that was recorded in one take!
But as the saying goes: not everything that shines is a diamond.

Highlight: Pearl is the daughter of Meat Loaf.