We had already known about the imminent release of this album almost a year ago when the first volume came out. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to hit the market at such an early stage but on the other hand this is not important and actually should be positively evaluated. The second volume of this Motorhead bears no essential differences compared to the first release. What you get is a huge sample of a live Motorhead experience. The DVD includes the whole Motorhead show at Wacken Open Air (6/8/2011) and excerpts of the Sonisphere Festival in England (10/7/2011) and Rock in Rio on the 25th of September 2011. The audio aspect of those show are found on the double c.d. feature of the package.

One can easily say that this isn’t a “must have” album for the average rock or even Motorhead fan. Everybody knows that what makes a Motorhead show unique are the powerful and most energetic performance of the trio…but on the other hand, every Motorhead show is not different from the other. Maybe the only difference is located at the presence of a few stunning women that grace the stage at the Sonisphere Festival (playing with fire on stage…yeah, come to think about it…this is definitely something for our eyes but could have easily fit on the first volume).
Having said all these, the camera angles and the clarity of the picture reach a perfect level…so, buy this volume, too. This is Motorhead and they are playing rock n’ roll!