Mrs. Piss - Self-Surgery

With a provoking name like this it’s no surprise we were expecting something extreme, raw, almost punk. And this is what it is, the collaboration of Chelsea Wolfe and Jess Gowrie (long time friends and bandmates anyway) offers us a raw noise rock with industrial and hardcore outbursts and the necessary disturbing vocals.

Their debut album lasts only twenty minutes where they fit 8 tracks (most of them short or extra short in length, less than a minute or two) creating something stiff, it feels like they didn’t even had alternative takes and kept their fresh ideas as they came by instinct following a rule that has no rules (in other words “in your face”…). Chelsea Wolfe writes and sings the lyrics (setting the tone directly with “I’m bathing in the filth of the world” at “To Crawl Inside”) and plays the guitars while Jess Gowrie is behind the bass, drums and several effect layers.

The album may not be super original but has the necessary heaviness (especially on some doomy riffs) while the vocals lead its composition (a wide range, including some desperate and torn ones) but at moments I had a feeling of something that was left unfinished. I am not sure if the latter has to do with the short duration of the songs (and the album in general) and many may complain but a raw direct album like this shouldn’t last longer. Having said that my favourite track here is the one that is longer, “Knelt” is 4 minutes long and I hope this rotten style will show they way on their future releases too. It is really a great sludge metal dark composition that drags you into the mud and has the suitable lyrics too (“this world’s a mess just like my head…”)