Michael Schenker releases another great album in a row with great songs and Ronnie Romero justifying the fuss around his name and his contribution in so many projects. This guy is good!

As you’ve read in an interview with Michael we’ve done a couple of years ago, his intention was to release an album with the Chilean singer, but that wasn’t possible because of the pandemic, so some very special guests were recruited for “Revelation”, which was released under the Michael Schenker Fest moniker. This album has also some guests, with the other Michael, whose contribution obviously stands out on a song dedicated to the one and only, Ronnie James Dio. The song features also Bobby Rondinelli, Tony Carey and Bob Daisley and the atmosphere is definitely nodding at Rainbow “Rising”, although it’s most important color, black, is missing? Got it? Although, the collaboration of big names and stars doesn’t always return the respective results, this song is great, the atmosphere is amazing and the message on the title crystal clear: “A King Has Gone”.

Ralf Scheepers is also pretty good on his second consecutive guest slot on a Michael Schenker album following the familiar aggressive paths on the self-descriptive “Wrecking Ball”. Gary Barden –the first MSG singer back from 1980- is also amazing in a great duet with Romero on “The Universe”.

The album also packs in great performances on the drum kit by titans Simon Phillips, Brian Tichy και Bodo Schopf, as well as Rondinelli.

But, as we mentioned earlier, Romero is the boss here. He’s having a ball with the awesome songs provided by Voss and Schenker. Honestly, the songs are amazing with a classic MSG sound from the band’s best eras. Even the bonus tracks are cool. So, you shouldn’t wonder if you see a flying V shaped space ship –what a great cover that is-  among this year’s best albums.