Myles Kennedy – The Year Of The Tiger


It was only a matter of time before Myles Kennedy released a solo album. The frontman that on stage has guitarists of the caliber of Slash or Mark Tremonti on his left, is, apart from a fantastic singer, a great axeman as well – Alter Bridge fans know this well. This is not a bunch of generic acoustic songs made to support a good voice, those are real compositions.
Kennedy kept on talking about a solo record, but it kept on being postponed. There is actually a bunch of already recorded tracks that he decided not to release. What was missing was the concept, the lyrical and emotional backdrop, that ended up being the narration of the tragedy that changed Myles’ childhood, his father’s death. Kennedy senior was a Christian scientist, believing that god will cure all illnesses, therefore medicine and doctors are not only unnecessary but unwanted. Similar beliefs led to the premature death of James Hetfield’s mother.

Evidently ‘Year of the Tiger’ is heavy, melancholic, deeply personal. It is rock, country, folk, it is the fingerprint of a diversely charismatic guy. I envy those that got the chance to see him on his European tour, not just because of songs off the record, such as ‘Love Can Only Heal’, but for… ‘The Trooper’ as well. It is worth checking his rendition of the Maiden classic on YouTube.