Mystic Prophecy – Killhammer

“Killhammer”…just like the case of the latest U.D.O. album (promptly entitled “Steelhammer”), Mystic Prophecy comes up with an equally Metal album title but most importantly with a far better sonic result! This is a band that has proved through the years that it is not only a productive unit that releases new material in regular basis but also retains a certain qualitative level that is triumphantly hailed by all the true metal fans around the world. Personally, I feel great pride due to the fact that behind the Mystic Prophecy vehicle is Dimitris Liapakis, a guy who has worked really hard all these years.

“Killhammer” displays once again a pristine and crystal clear sound as the production is flawless. I am glad to see that Dimitris has decided to bring down a little bit the tempo of the compositions and follow a more mid-tempo route. I strongly believe that this style suits better the overall Mystic Prophecy sonic profile. The raspy vocals accompanied with the ever melodic guitar passages are naturally the trademark Mystic Prophecy elements and Dimitris Liapakis and Co. should boast –in fact for a few years now- that they have their own personal musical identity. All in all, whether you choose to listen to the title track or “300 In Blood” you instantly recognize that this is a Mystic Prophecy sonic realm.

In a time and age where the average metal fan is constantly bombarded with dozens of albums per week, only a handful is worthy of our time and money. “Kilhammer” falls in this category and it is already on the list of the best albums of 2013.

Highlight: We are eagerly awaiting the Japanese edition for an additional…Greek point.