There are two kinds of cover songs, those that are a simple re-recording of a song, and those that kick the shit out of the song justifying the meaning of the word. The path Mystic Prophecy follow on the album is the first one.

The main idea is to cover songs out of the ordinary, which means outside the band’s comfort zone, which is heavy metal. Instead we get disco, pop, stoner, even glam rock songs and that’s more praiseworthy and interesting. Partying is guaranteed since this is fun album that holds nothing back as its’ suppose to. Personally, I enjoyed “Tokyo”, “Hot Stuff” and “I’m Still Standing” (that’s the second time I remember a metal band covering Elton John after WASP)! Every song carry Mystic Prophecy’s mark: they are heavy, full of energy and rock hard. I don’t agree with the choices of “Proud Mary” and “Space Lord”, actually I hated the latter but that’s my taste we are talking about here.

The band completed ten albums release, welcomed Evan K on guitar and looks upon the future with optimism. I wish we could see them more often in Greece like we did in Chania and Athens recently.