German band Mystigma releases their sophomore album and the moment “Quicksand” blasts out I can’t help but thinking that the Teutonic version of Paradise Lost just hit on my door… The Brits are their main influence, no doubt about that, on the other hand, you will find out this band has elements of their own as well. On “Close to you” you will listen to some epical passages, more Heavy, more dynamic, in accordance with their Gothic attitude and dimension, as the band is 500% Gothic!
Loops, highly tuned guitars, dark themes and surrounding keyboards… Voice is different, clean and “guilty”… They surely know the subject. Dunno whether you like to listen to bands sounding so close to the ones you already like or not, cuz I don’t have such issues. I like Paradise Lost and I like Mystigma. I’m not going to commend on the percentage of imitation or the inspiration level; music is simply the best form of entertainment and not politics.
“You’re not real” is a GREat song. Beautiful chorus, amazing vocals. Closing “In Deine Hand” is an opportunity to listen to this motif with German lyrics…