This is a Sleaze band from Czech Republic! After listening to Blackrain from France that’s the second country that I didn’t expect to have a sleaze band in 2016! Let alone sleaze fans. The band is Nasty Ratz and their brand new and kicking album.

This is their first effort since 2012 and it’s called “First Bite”. It is crystal clear from the name of the band, the album title and the cover that you are expecting to listen to a band similar to the Swedish Danger and other new age sleaze influenced bands from  the 80s era with more punk elements than metal.The latest sleaze bands are more for the power metal sound than pure old school sleaze, so that makes them kind of special. From the first riff it is obvious that the Nasty Ratz guys are Motley Crue fans. The songs also have great influences from bands such as KISS, Aerosmith, Britny Fox, Reckless Love, Vinnie Vincent Invasion and more. You can listen to “I Don’t Wanna Care” that shows their love for Hanoi Rocks too.
So, this is for sure a Glam/Hair Metal/Sleaze band with some useless ballads as always but with a new album that’s decent enough. With more effort and more hit songs the 2nd can be even better.

The singer though is kinda confused about his vocal style. It’s important that Nasty Ratz find their identity and have a more clear view of what exactly is the personality of the band. It’s not always enough to confine yourself to a specific music genre. It is also important that you can stand out from the other sleaze bands with your music and the color of your voice. They don’t have to be the next KISS or Aerosmith but they can easily be the next Reckless Love or Crashdiet. And that means being well known in the glam metal community.

The first song of the album “Love At First Sight” could be the perfect choice for their first official video clip. I also liked “Angel Ιn Μe”. We will be expecting more music soon .Well done Nasty Ratz. Keep the sleaze  scene alive!